CST2950 Special Topics - Server

Course Syllabus:

Instructional Guide:


Credits: 3
3 Lecture, 0 Lab.

Prerequisites:  none

Department: Computer Systems Technology

Required Text:  None

May 29 - June 27
Tue 9 am - 11:50 am & 1 pm - 3:50 pm
Wed  9am - 11:50 am

Instructor: Allen Benusa
Phone: 320-234-8547
E-mail: allen.benusa@ridgewater.edu


CST2950 sec 52 S/T Server Hardware - Summer Session I

This course will focus primarily on the computer / networking hardware and configuration necessary to have a working web / database server. This course will utilize the skills you have, or are developing, with PC and networking hardware. Students will learn the basics about PCs, Windows with Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services), Linux operating system with Apache web server, installing PHP and MySQL. Also basic networking will be covered such as routers and port forwarding.